Project Value - £75,000

Lakeside M&E Services have recently installed a 7.2KW Intelligent EV Charger for an education sector client.
Within this project, several different manufacturers were offered to the client before a solution was selected which best met their EV Charging needs.

Completed with intelligent load management, this also charger has the option of being ‘pay to activate’, so the school can monitor and select which staff can use the charger while also having the ability to set their own £/KWh rate that they charge their electricity out at.

All of these ‘intelligent’ aspects can controlled and managed from any mobile device through the user app.

About Lakeside M&E

Here at Lakeside M&E we have committed to sustainable UK Mechanical and Electrical Engineering playing a crucial role in allowing these sectors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This is true sustainability.

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Incorporated in 2009

Lakeside M&E Services are a sustainable Mechanical and Electrical Engineering contractor based in the North of England who manage and deliver every aspect of an M&E package.

With offices in Manchester, Bury & Bradford while covering the whole of the UK, we provide the most innovative and technologically advanced renewable energy engineering systems across a multitude of sectors and client bases including the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, with a particular presence in the Education and Health Care sectors.