Solar PV

Solar PV systems use energy harnessed from the sun and transform this into usable electricity for your home or business. At Lakeside M&E, we are proud to offer a full design – install – maintain service for both commercial and residential Solar PV installations.

Why choose Solar PV?

• Lower energy costs
• Export opportunities
• Reduced reliance on grid supplied electricity
• Reduced carbon footprint
• Storage of surplus energy
• No Planning Permission Required

And yes – Solar PV systems still work on cloudy days!

Bespoke Systems

Lakeside can guide any type of asset owner on a system that is best suited for them. Acting on actual energy consumption data received from your energy provider we can size a bespoke system to provide you as our customer with the best possible value.

This real time data can also influence decisions on battery storage, allowing us and you as the customer to understand if battery storage makes good economic sense before purchase.

See more about our battery storage solutions.

About Lakeside M&E

Here at Lakeside M&E we have committed to sustainable UK Mechanical and Electrical Engineering playing a crucial role in allowing these sectors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This is true sustainability.

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Incorporated in 2009

Lakeside M&E Services are a sustainable Mechanical and Electrical Engineering contractor based in the North of England who manage and deliver every aspect of an M&E package.

With offices in Manchester, Bury & Bradford while covering the whole of the UK, we provide the most innovative and technologically advanced renewable energy engineering systems across a multitude of sectors and client bases including the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, with a particular presence in the Education and Health Care sectors.