Air Source heat Pumps

As the UK begins to transition away from gas over the coming years, beginning with the ban on gas boilers in new build houses from the year 2025 – alternative, sustainable and renewable means of providing heating and hot water to our homes and businesses are becoming increasingly prominent.

Leading this alternative heating and hot water revolution is the air source heat pump (ASHP).
ASHP’s use electricity to extract heat from the outside air to heat a refrigerant gas, which in turn heats the water for your heating or hot water systems.

The energy required to achieve a certain KW output is drastically lower than with a gas equivalent, as ASHP’s can be up to 400% efficient. This means that for every 1KW of electrical energy inputted into the system, up to 4KW of heat energy can be produced.

The Benefits

ASHP’s can be installed as standalone systems, or they can be coupled with Solar PV and battery storage systems to complete your ‘eco-home’ or ‘eco-business’. Here at Lakeside M&E we can guide you through all stages of your ASHP journey from initial site survey, design and proposals, through on-site installation, to handover, demonstrations and on-going maintenance.

And yes, ASHP’s still work on the coldest days in temperatures as low as -20C!

Advantages of ASHP’s:

• Reduced carbon footprint
• Reduced energy Bills
• Future proof against the phasing out of gas
• Fully eco-poof your home or business by combining with Solar PV and battery storage

If you would like any further information on air source heat pumps please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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