Health, Safety, Environmental & CSR

At Lakeside Mechanical & Electrical Services, our total commitment to health and safety is one of the key elements of our continued success, ensuring that our people work to the highest possible standards and take individual ownership of health and safety matters.

We take health and safety very seriously. It is recognised that a robust, compliant and effective health and safety culture plays an essential role in our long-term plans to continuously expand and improve upon the services we offer.
Lakeside Mechanical & Electrical Services & our partners hold a range of accreditations to provide assurance of compliance for our wide client base, covering the services we offer.
Lakeside Services is committed to ensuring that all our employees hold relevant and current qualifications to maintain consistently high levels of competence. All our supervisors have the Construction Skills Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Certificate (SSSTS) and our managers have the Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) to enhance their capabilities and awareness of health and safety legislation and the standards expected.
Lakeside Services has brought together years of experience from all M&E associated trades with expertise in all areas of installations, commissioning, servicing and maintenance. We offer a professional management structure and a highly trained and flexible skill base. We promote a safety focused ethos that is driven from the top of the organisation. Health and Safety is vital and at all levels the management and staff take ownership while always striving to improve safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance. We are proud of our established health and safety culture and remain committed to continuous improvement in this field.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

As a leading supplier of M & E services in the UK, Lakeside takes its corporate and social responsibilities seriously. It’s important to us that our CSR commitments reflect the values of our company.

We work hard with clients, suppliers, sub contractors and employees to ensure that our environmental, health and safety and risk policies are always adhered to. In addition we care about our community and give back through supporting local causes.
Environmental Policy

Lakeside recognises the importance of the environment and is committed to operating in a sustainable way, in compliance with all legal requirements.

The company always strives to meet, exceed or develop sustainability requirements by implementing the following;

• A continual assessment of the environmental effects of the company’s activities
• A pledge that all employees are continually trained in environmental issues and to the right standards
• Minimising the production of waste
• Ensuring that energy wastage is kept to a minimum
• Promoting the use of recyclable and renewable materials
• Reducing or limiting pollution to water, land and air
• The control of noise emissions from all operations
• Carrying out the appropriate risk assessments at all times to minimise the risk of harm to customers, the general public and our employees

These policies are always shared with our clients, employees, suppliers and subcontractors so that we can promote a sustainable and ethical company through our activities.

About Lakeside M&E

Here at Lakeside M&E we have committed to sustainable UK Mechanical and Electrical Engineering playing a crucial role in allowing these sectors to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This is true sustainability.

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Incorporated in 2009

Lakeside M&E Services are a sustainable Mechanical and Electrical Engineering contractor based in the North of England who manage and deliver every aspect of an M&E package.

With offices in Manchester, Bury & Bradford while covering the whole of the UK, we provide the most innovative and technologically advanced renewable energy engineering systems across a multitude of sectors and client bases including the domestic, commercial and industrial markets, with a particular presence in the Education and Health Care sectors.